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v/a - A Fistful Of Rock 'N' Roll CD cover
“The series covers a real movement, a working-man’s answer to what's missing from popular music in the world today; straight-up, raw, in-your-face, combustible Rock ‘N’ Roll.” —Sal Canzonieri; Fistful curator / Electric Frankenstein

For the past seven years, the internationally acclaimed A Fistful Of Rock 'N' Roll series has brought much deserved attention to some of the best underground music of the past decade - featuring over 300 bands, representing nearly 40 countries around the globe, as well as cover art by some of the most prominent and influential lowbrow / pop / underground artists of today. This two disc installment turns the spotlight on a whopping 53 bands; offering over two and a half hours of the world's most raucous full contact rock and roll. (Cover art by Big Tony O'Farrell.)

BAND LISTING: (volume 13, part 2) Sonic Boom Boys * Chapstick * The Coma-Tones * Superchrist * Bleed * Peter Pan Speedrock * Trunk Dog * Midnight Rapture * Kamikazes * LOFREQ * Hot Dogs * Rip KC * Thee Michelle Gun Elephant * Loose * The Genders * Sedation Generation * Buzz Gang * Patti Rhodes & The Mystery Kids * The Dead Set * The Compulsions * Gutter Queens * The Makers * Smut Peddlers * Texas Motherfuckers * Firestone * Buzzsawyer * Very Ape

(volume 13, part 3) Danko Jones * Smash Up Derby * Murdock * Broadzilla * M-16s * Therapy? * Dollhouse * Kitty & The Kowalskis * Pisser * American Ruse * The Daggers * The Sewergrooves * Pink Swords * Red Hot Lovers * Wide Right * Spread Eagle * Amps II Eleven * Labor Party * Crank County Daredevils * The Dragstrip Syndicate * Sparkling Bombs * Secret Squirrel Society * Red Light Rippers * The Neins * The Viva Kneivals * The No-Counts

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