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the BAD VIBES - All The Right Ways To Do You Wrong CD cover
Hostile City's most explosive band returns with a new crop of neurologically damaging punk rock. Their sophomore CD, All The Right Ways To Do You Wrong, ups the ante tenfold with eleven tracks that translate a lifetime of anger and frustration into an unstoppable musical tornado.With a chip on their collective shoulders the size of an 800 lb. gorilla, The Bad Vibes pack more pent up energy into 22 minutes than most bands can summon up over an entire career.

TRACK LISTING: Lose-Lose Situation * You're My Fucking Problem * Overreaction Is My Forte * Almost Never My Fault * Ask Me How Much I Care * All The Right Ways To Do You Wrong * Someone's Got It In For You * A Motherfucker Called Consequence * I Smell A Rat * Ain't Having None Of It * The Hate And The City

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