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ANTiSEEN - One Live Sonofabitch... CD cover
This "Super Destructo Deluxe" 3 disc set features a remastered version of the original One Live Sonofabitch CD (released in '97 on Jeff Clayton's Death Train Records; now out of print) as well as a second CD of recently unearthed and previously unreleased live material spanning the time period from Eat More Possum to Here To Ruin Your Groove. Rounding out the 3 disc set is a DVD (a Steel Cage first) featuring more than 120 minutes of visually aided Destructo Rock in the form of two live performances, Mike Harper's ANTiSEEN docu-film and footage from a 1993 TV appearance.

TRACK LISTING: Disc #1 (CD): Today Your Love * Stormtrooper * Animals Eat 'em * I've Aged Twenty Years In Five * Glad I Am The Way I Am * Haunted House * Thanks A Lot * Queen City Stomp * Deeds Of The Damned * Cactus Jack * Trapped In Dixie * Ruby, Get Back To The Hills * Hammerhead * Star Whore * I Dont Like You * Fuck All Ya 'll

Disc #2 (CD): Star Spangled Banner * Your Gonna Tote An Asskickin' * Wifebeater * Lil' Sister * Cock On The Loose * Heavy Mud * Last Days On Earth * Break It Off * (We Will Not) Remember You * Spare Change * Self Induced Lobotomy * Funk U * Star Whore * Mean Woman Blues * We Got This Far Without You * Old Man Hit The Road

Disc #3 (DVD): Halloween Show (Oct. 1997) * Barbed Wire Show (Oct. 1994) * Destructo Video * “What’s Cool With Me” *

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