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HELLSTOMPER - The Real Hillbilly Motherfucker CD cover
Originally released by Man's Ruin in 2000 and almost immediately rendered "out of print", Steel Cage is proud to present The Real Hillbilly Motherfucker; remastered, restored and re-booklet-ed, the CD features the 15 original moonshine laced, barn-burnin' classics (including the one that was saved for a vinyl only release that never saw the light of day) paired with 5 bonus rough and tumble acoustic numbers recorded live on the radio in 1999. Sure to get your toes tappin' regardless which side of the Mason-Dixon line you hail from.

TRACK LISTING: Poor Man’s Blues * Drunk In Alabama * Sumbitch * Cock Fightin’ Saturday Night * Barroom Breakdown * If I’d Killed Her When I Met Her * Chicken Truck * Sweet Whiskey * Another Goddam Drinkin’ Song * Legend of Wooley Swamp * Suicide * Hillbilly Motherfucker * Stank * Burnin’ Love * Simple Man * Cock Fightin’ Saturday Night (acoustic) * If I’d Killed Her When I Met Her (acoustic) * All Pilled Up (acoustic) * Pabst Blue Ribbon (acoustic) * Sweet Whiskey (acoustic)

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