skull skull

the 440S - Hot To Go CD cover
This female-fronted foursome blazes through 16 loud and lusty ditties about sex, cars, fast livin’, rock and roll, and sex. The 440’s patented blend of full-tilt hot rod rock and roll goes from 0-120 right out of the gate and doesn't let up one bit until the last note dies. Strap in and prepare for a bumpy ride.

TRACK LISTING: Heart Full Of Lie * Up In Smoke * Ship’s Rolling In * Snake Charmer * Stiletto Stomp * Ain’t Got Enough Heart * Jezebel * Joe Mania * Demolition Boy * Bad Girls Do * Awestruck * I’ll Be Happy (when you f*ck off) * Gettin’ My Rocks Off * Bad Reputation * Let It Burn * Death Machine 2000

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