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destructo maximus cover
Destructo Maximus is a retrospective of ANTiSEEN’s first 20 years of musical mayhem.

Contents include: interviews with band members present and past (conducted specifically for the book); press the band has garnered over the years, both positive and negative (including interviews, features, reviews, tour diaries, etc.); 36 pages of photos (20 color, 16 b&w) - many previously un-published; fan “testimonials”; a career-spanning flyer/poster gallery; lyrics for all original ANTiSEEN songs; a complete discography with color artwork; and more.

268 pgs * 8 1/2 X 11 * black leatherette cover with silver foil stamping

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Reviews: Good lord, this may be the highest quality book by and for a band I've ever laid eyes on. I'll be honest, I'm not a huge fan of ANTiSEEN's entire catalog, but my hat's off in total respect for what they and Steel Cage have been able to put together. Actually, I found myself being more of an admirer the more I read about them. Being a publisher and an admirer of archives myself, it's easy to marvel at not only the faux-leather, silver embossed cover and heavy gloss paper, but the sheer volume of pictures and information that covers this band's first twenty years. The layout itself must have taken the better part of half a year. What's further amazing is the packrat diversity of what's inside. Not only are there literally hundreds of pictures of the band, from every line-up (I bet most people don't realize that ANTiSEEN had a black bassist for a spell,) there are an almost uncountable number of reviews, interviews, (many complete reprints) and newspaper clippings. (Like a scan of the certificate that they won the 1998 Creative Loafing "Best Stage Presence/Appearance," 1994's certificate for their lead singer, Jeff Clayton, "Best Person to be Mascot for the Panthers" and an article on Jeff's close and loving relationship with his mom.) Wrapping it all together are complete lyrics to all the songs they ever wrote, a complete discography, and a long list of bands that have covered them. Awesome, in the original sense of the word. A very high bar for other bands to aspire to if they're ever thinking about releasing a retrospective of their lives.
—Todd, Razorcake #19

Rock ‘em sock ‘em Carolina rowdies Antiseen are already well into their third decade of boozing and pranks, and to celebrate 20 years worth of bloody foreheads and full-contact scumpunk, Carbon 14 Megazine-slash-Steel Cage Records have broken the fuckin’ bank in the most audacious display of shock n’ roll commemoration since Motorhead’s “No Remorse” comp hit the shelves wrapped in silver-embossed black leather. Actually, that’s exactly the idea here, as the mammoth “Destructo Maximus” is nearly 300 glossy pages of Confederate Filth all wrapped up in a black-as-night leatherette cover, embossed in chrome. I mean, holy motherfucker, right? Pretty much everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Antiseen but were logically petrified to ask is included here in handy chronological order ? ya get interviews with the 666 (or so) various rebel rockers that’ve had the honor and the fortitude to call ‘emselves one of Clayton’s Finest over the years, ya get tons of press, including some rare gems, like Byron Coley’s rundown of ‘Seen releases from Forced Exposure (circa 80-something), a sexy, blood-drenched two page spread from Metal Maniacs (circa ’96), and even two-and-a-half cents from yrs truly (circa cuppla years back, I think), AND ya get a bitchin’ and thorough discography (with sleeves!), plus lyrics, tons of pictures (which neatly chronicle exactly what 20 years worth of whiskey and BBQ meat’ll do to ya) and much carrying on from everyone involved. It’s exhaustive, it’s hilarious, it’s hair-raising, and it’s as bad ass you already assume it’s gonna be. Oh yeah, and when yr done reading it, you can literally KILL somebody with it, if you want.