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ANTiSEEN - The Best Of... digipack cover
This career-spanning two-disc 40 track digipack set chronicles ANTiSEEN's first 25 years of delivering pure, unadulterated Destructo Rock to their legions of loyal fans and the unsuspecting masses alike.

"Twenty-five years is a hell of a run. Most bands barely make it twenty-five minutes. There are no easy answers as to how and why this band has lasted. There is only the knowing that it will NEVER end. There will never be a "Farewell" show, never be an end of the line. ANTiSEEN will never go away, never break up. Death cannot claim them, life cannot contain them. There is only the bloody trail of eternal infamy..."
—Russ Ward (excerpted fom the liner notes)

TRACK LISTING: Disc #1: Queen City Stomp * Nothing's Cool * Destructo Rock * I Don't Ask You For Nothing * Hammerhead * Wifebeater * Warhero * NC Royalty * White Trash Bitch * Ruby, Ruby Get Back to the Hills * Up All Night * Hippy Punk * On Your Knees * Twisted Brain * Burnin' Money * My God Can Beat Up Your God * Kill The Business * Two Headed Dog * Walking Dead * Haunted House

Disc #2 : Death Train Comin' * Leeches & Losers * Last Days on Earth * Hate for Power * Fornication * Today Your Love / Stormtrooper * Animals, Eat 'Em * Star Whore * Trapped in Dixie * Fuck All Y'all * Cactus Jack * Ugly American * Spare Change * Billy the Kid * OD for Me * Jailhouse * Guns Ablazin' * Alpha Male * FTK * Pledge Allegiance to the Bomb

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